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CollabOffice is a Team Personal Information Manager. It is sompletely web-based with all the code executing on the server. It is comprised of several applications tightly knit to produce an effective and efficient working environment. The applications are:
  • Planner - Events, meetings, todos
  • Email - Web-based email which connects to an Imap server
  • Documents - An document retrieval and repository system
  • Contacts - Address book
  • News - Team Newsgroups
  • Instant Messaging - Message your coworkers instantly
  • Memo Pad - Keep and share post it notes
  • Online - See who is online
  • Administration - Makes administration a snap
Using the menu on the left, you can view the complete online documentation, apply for a demo account, or even download the entire product to try it on your system.

CollabOffice is being hosted on SourceForge. If you would like to help then please send me an email, or check out

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