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CollabOffice Features

CollabOffice is a suite of applications designed to help teams collaborate together, and work efficiently. The major design intent with all applications is that users should be able to share all their information with others using this softare.

The Planner is your daytimer, where you can create events, meetings and todo's. Features include:
  • Recurrence of events: daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly
  • Day, Month, and Year views
  • Sharing with other users or groups via the messaging system
  • Priortization, completion of todo's

Email allows you to access your email from any machine that has a webbrowser. Because email is 100% compatible with the IMAP protocol, you can use it with other IMAP mail programs like Outlook. Email has many features:
  • Handles multiple attachments
  • Can view attachments depending on their Mime type
  • fully IMAP compatible
  • Interfaces with our Contacts application

The document manager is a repository for all your groups files, folders, documents, pictures, or even programs.
It allows a team to work in the same area at the same time by using a revision control system where only one person can modify a file at a time. Permissions are implemented so that you can restrict access to certain files. Files can be viewed, or downloaded depeding on their Mime type. Its features are:
  • Efficient directory tree view just like windows explorer implemented in JavaScript so that it is quick for the user
  • Unix like permissions on all folders and files. Can be specified down to users, groups, or other people to read, write or execute.
  • Can view or download files depending on their Mime type
  • Can check out, check in, or unreserve files

The contact manager allow you to have multiple address books of all your contacts. You can also specify that you want to share some of your books, or view someone else's shared book. Features include:
  • Multiple Address Books
  • Sharing with other users or groups
  • Interfaces with Email

The news system uses an NNTP server (one is packaged with CollabOffice) and allows a team to communicate together in a newsgroup. This is advantageous when you want to have a your communications stored so that anyone else can look at them, rather than email. Features include:
  • Sort by date, or by thread
  • Subscriptions, posting, and replying
  • Interfaces with Email

Instant Messaging
The Messaging system allows you to send typed messages similar to email, but more lightweight, and with a faster response. This messaging system is also used to send events from other applications like todo's or meeting requests. Features include:
  • Allows you to communicat in a "chat" like manner
  • Used to share other applications data with other users
  • History logging so that you can see what was said in the past
  • Small and efficient

The memo pad allows you to create electronic yellow sticky notes for you to jot down quick reminders. These again can be shared with other users by sending it to them.
  • Sharing with other users
  • Multiple pads with multiple memos

Online allows you to see who is on the system, and therefore, who you can expect to respond to one of your messages. Features include:
  • Separates Online users from offline users
  • Shows last time and date online
  • Interfaces with messages so that you can send them an instant message

The online administration system gives the system administrator an easy to use interface to do all of the system configuration or maintenance step. Features include:
  • Securing the system (which groups can use which features)
  • Createing, modifying, deleting users and groups
  • Create new newsgroups
  • Configure system parameters
  • Change the Message Of The Day (MOTD)

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